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Yay for Pez!

Phil and I hung out yesterday, which was fun! What was not fun was losing my phone. O.o; I dunno where I dropped it, but we were walking up from Furama and just past Dragon City Mall, I realized it wasn't clipped to me. And flipped out. Went back to Furama, where it wasn't. Phil had his cell and we had programmed my number into it earlier so he called it.

Note: My phone's name is Kazuki. The banner thingy (Text that's always there) says "Kazuki - 416 555 5555" number. So Phil calls. And says "Hello? Val?" a million times. And then the guy is like "Hi.....Phil? Yeah, I found Kazuki's phone.." XD So yeah. We got it back. But that was too fun.

Line of the Day
"I'm not Jesus!" (Me)

Exchange of the Day
Phil: "So what you're teaching me is to snap a cat's neck for Pez."
Val: "No....It has to have a bunny on it's head."
((My Pez dispenser has Hello Kitty with a bunny on her head ^^v))

Best Overheard Cellphone (Did he have a cellphone?) Conversation EVAR!
" a German Whore, not Queen Elizabeth. Stupid inbred fucks. I mean, for Godssakes, she married her own nephew..." - Said the old, possibly German man?
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